Day 4 In the studio - from Ainsley

q guitar on couch.jpg

It is now Day 4 - and it is time to get the guitar and vocal overdubbing done with Quinton and Sarah! Tanner had to start work at 10:30 this morning and Darrell had to be at work shortly after the start of today’s studio session - so they weren’t able to be here this afternoon, but Tanner would be joining the session later in the day.

The session started off with Quintons guitar parts. He did three takes of the first song before deciding what was best and advancing on to song number two. Brennen walked in mid way through song number two and we all gave our silent hellos until the recording had ended. There were a few decisions to make about the composition of the song while recording a few takes, but it wasn’t long before they were finished with song number two. On to the next ! It was nearly time to go grab Tanner from work so he could join the others at the studio. While I waited for my cue to head out the door they worked on the third song - with only one part that Quinton wanted to adjust; they were moving on to the last song by the time I had to go.

2 tamborine bdawg.jpg

On the drive to pick Tanner up from work; before dropping him off and heading to my own job; I thought about all the cool things the band would be able to accomplish today at the studio. The guitar was nearly done - Brennan was there so they could add some of the cool vibes that an egg shaker brings to the table - and I was confident that Sarah and Quintons vocals would be done in a flash. I was sad to have to leave the studio when I did since I knew I’d probably miss out on witnessing the magic of recording all the final touches however; I was really excited for the end of my work day. For when I was able to get home and listen to any un-mastered tracks the band had been able to bring home with them after today’s session.

I think I’ll have to write another blog for you to read once I’ve listened to them - maybe I’ll even be able to give you an idea of which tracks have been chosen for the first EP. This is an exciting time for the band - and I’m excited to have been able to watch the experience and share it with all of you.