day 4 In the Studio - from Quinton

Brennans percussion box.jpg

I was feeling particularly good about todays session. Yesterday we had opened for Jesse Roper, a musician I’ve been following for some time so I was feeling very grateful for the opportunities that have come our way. The fact that I’m in the studio right now is quite emotional for me. its always been a dream of mine and Lloyd Peterson at Paintbox Studios is an amazing producer making this dream even more beautiful than I ever imagined.

I was sad to not have the full crew with us today though, Darrell, Tanner, Brennan and Tate had to be at work for most of the time we were in the studio but I knew it would help move things along a little bit more swiftly (conversations move slower when 7 people are involved) and it did. As soon as I got in we started cleaning up some sections from my guitar tracks, I shot in a solo for Insecurities, Mmhmm and Procrastination and then added some acoustic guitar to most of the tracks for a nice layer of sounds. Everything worked out better than I had imagined. I also can’t believe the tones I’m getting from my guitars. I’m using my Ibanez hollow body, I call her Victoria, signed by Shakey Graves and for the longest time I hated this guitar (despite the signature on it), it was maybe 400$ and it always gave me grief by going out of tune or off intonation but I had it fixed not too long ago and then didn’t touch it because I didn’t trust it but after the past few months of being forced to use it at shows it’s sounding great. She needed some extra love or something it just needed the right touch and I’ve got to know it well and now she does whatever I ask. For the acoustic I used my Simon and Patrick, (I call her Ray) and to hear it mic’d in the studio and in my ear was sooo satisfying. wow, just wow. Lloyd was impressed by the sound of it too.

guitar blog.jpg

Brennan had stopped by sometime around here and had some time to do some percussions and Lloyd handed him this big box of percussion instruments and Brennan laid down some of the most interesting tracks with it. There’s been so many times these last few days where I am just laughing silly at the work thats happening in the recording room; everybody is adding on these amazing layers we couldn’t do in a live show and its exceeded my imagination.

Soon after me and Sarah started the vocals, it was surprisingly fatiguing. We sang the first 3 songs at the same time from either side of the recording room singing into microphones and dancing and smiling at each other. It was a really beautiful moment in my life. I knew we had chemistry in our singing but to hear it isolated and recorded in quality…. well I shouldn’t brag too much but I am very proud of the work we’ve put in and I know you guys are going to love it. We are nearly done, just a few more things to record and then a bit of clean up and picking those favourite tracks. We finished up today at about 10:40 I just felt like coming home and writing some of my thoughts. so, if your reading this thank you and I hope you hear the EP in its full release in 2019 or if your lucky enough to get early access through our Key To The House. Goodnight!

I wanted to add that I am a musician and not a languager. I make rhymes, rhythms and compositions, so I apologize if my grammar irks you the wrong way