Day 3 in the studio - from Ainsley


This morning the house woke up feeling relaxed and ready to get into the studio. Everyone took their time to get showered and dresses - I even had enough time to throw some laundry in the wash before we headed out the door. Laughing the whole way there; we arrived at the studio at 11:30am. After yesterday’s studio session; Lloyd sent the bedding track home with us so the band had a chance to listen over each track and be certain that the drums were perfect. To no surprise, the drums were perfect. Brennen had successfully recorded editless takes on all four songs. We were ready to move on to overdubbing Tates guitar!

Since we no longer needed to record drums, Quinton gave Brennen a hand tearing down and packing his car while Lloyd worked with Tate to set up his guitar for recording. After the first run through with Tate; Lloyd tossed some suggestions his way to ensure the cleanest sound was coming through for the recording. I made myself a cup of tea and sat in the control room with Lloyd and the rest of the band to watch the magic unfold. A handful of takes of each song; some minor adjustments; and pausing to choose which pickup to use and it wasn’t very long before Tates guitar parts were finished being recorded.

The entire process is really cool to watch - doing and redoing takes; hearing input from Lloyd; listening to each part as it’s being recorded; watching each band member experience being separated from the group and put on the spot; hearing it so many times that you can feel the knots of excitement bunch up in your stomach when the jackpot has been hit and the perfect take has been recorded. It was so nice to see how good everyone felt about the progress that was being made. The songs were coming together beautifully - and in my opinion, they were making great time. There was still four hours left of today’s session and all of tomorrow to complete the tracks for the EP and everything seems to be going at a great pace thus far.

By 2pm I was starving, and so was everyone else - we had some more egg salad with us today! This time it was made by the beautiful man on keys; Tanner - who likes adding every ingredient available to the food he’s making - and it was delicious even with all the paprika he had added to it. Lunch was a good excuse to put my laptop down and just listen while I ate. Without my laptop in front of me I was able to pay better attention to the beauty that surrounded me. I was able to focus on the sound and the feeling in the room. I was able to relax, close my eyes for a moment and just enjoy the day.

Brennen and Tate took off around 2:30 so they could get all their stuff done before the show tonight - Opening for Jesse Roper at The Pyramid Cabaret. Now it was after 3pm and it was time to get Tanner in the room to record the overdubbing for his keys. He was so excited to use the grand piano that he bolted into the room and started dancing his fingers up and down along the keys. He played around for a bit while we waited for Lloyd to return from a quick detour to the cafeteria. Since he had been working while the rest of us ate; it was now his turn to grab something for lunch.

studio q on the floor.jpg

Tanner’s playing flowed beautifully as he ran through his parts. Personally - I was really excited for him; to be able to play on something larger than a keyboard. He had recently invested in a better keyboard; with a full 88, weighted keys, but nothing quite compares to the heavy, grounding feel of the keys on a grand piano. Our little Schroeder was finally able to use his talent on a real, classic grand piano. He took to it like butter on toast - scrumptiously. It was such a treat - and he made it look easy while recording his overdubs. Despite telling us he was nervous; it sounded wonderful. Lloyd and Tanner spent the remainder of our studio time working to perfect the piano takes and by quarter-to 6 we were ready to pack up and head home to prepare for tonight.

Once again, progress was made, music was played and things were coming together beautifully. Everything was going according to schedule and we were all excited to get back in the studio tomorrow for the final day of recording the overdubs. It’s time for me to say goodnight - for now - so we can hit the road and get to the show. Thanks for staying tuned in to our blog so you can hear first hand about the House Handshake experience in-studio.

See you again tomorrow!