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Whoop And Holler Folk Festival - “It's not every day a brand-new band blows the roof off a festival mainstage for the lineup finale, wowing audiences when they didn't think the music could get any better. With an impressive and diverse repertoire of original material, House Handshake is arguably Manitoba's youngest project with the calibre of a seasoned supergroup. House Handshake's tunes are fresh, groovy, and filled with a soulful energy you've never heard before; their stage presence will captivate. Give them a 'whoop,' give them a 'holler'!" - Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival. Sincerely, Josh.”

THE PHOTO LADIES - “ Winnipeg’s indie-folk outfit House Handshake kicked off the evening.  The band’s soulful, rootsy brand of folk rock brings to mind tastes of Of Monsters and Men or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros with a twist of rugged Canadiana.  House Handshake filled their half hour opening set with gorgeous harmonies and an energetic stage show.”

Hoot & Owl - “We had the pleasure of having House Handshake at our inaugural hoot owl festival for 2018! They opened for us on Friday evening to really kick things off. They are an amazing talented group of people, full of energy and passion and love! We here at hoot owl look forward to working with them in the future! Much love, The Hoot Owl team. #hoothoot”