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*House official release February 8th*
Produced by Lloyd Peterson at Paintbox studios in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Partly paid for by YOU, our amazing fans. Mastered by… …
This EP is part 1 of a self titled full album. These tracks are available across streaming platforms but you can download the mp3’s right here.
We hope you enjoy. :)

Sweet T & The Flower Patch Kids

Tanner has been making the most out of Garage Band and a crappy microphone. He’s got dozens of songs on the go ranging from soft contemplative songs like ‘De ja vu’ too strange raps about zoo animals. It seems like we’ve landed on ‘Sweet T & The Flower Patch Kids’ as his artists name. What do you think? We’ve been tossing around name ideas for awhile. Tune in as we post em for your review and let us know what you think in the comments!


Works in progress

Songs we’re thinking about bringing to the stage…